Atom Heart – cover CD and Booklet

Atom Heart – cover CD and Booklet


Recently, I had the opportunity to create the album cover of a Polish rock band Atom Heart.


About Atom Heart


Atom Heart started to get in shape when drummer Ilya Mayeuski and guitarist Kamil Wysocki decided to join forces and began to look for rest of required musicians. They were quickly joined by vocalist Daniel Brühl who was recommended by Ilya and after many auditions the band was completed with bassist Tomek Kozieł.
Atom Heart has formed in March 2015, the band in June the same year recorded demo in Sonic Disorder studio in Warsaw which consisted of three original songs and was positively reviewed by domestic and foreign critics. Autumn 2015 was period of many concerts as well as time for writing new material with aim of recording it the same year. The band managed to get in Mandragora studio in Warsaw on 18 December 2015 and recorded six songs for this album in 4 days. During busy time of mixing, editing, mastering Atom Heart was still intensively gigging in Poland and Germany also writing new material. Very special moments for the band were concerts in Berlin’s Wild at Heart and Duncker Club where musicians were very warmly received and also invited for further concerts.
This album was influenced, composed and recorded with all respect for classical rock and blues. Enjoy our music which was discovered with love, passion and hard work.


Booklet CD



I am very pleased with the cooperation and the possibility of being part of something new. This is my first big serious project, which became immortalized.



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